Welcome to Sustainable Seas Technology’s Certified Fishing Partners!

We believe in the power of sustainable fishing practices to protect our oceans and ensure a healthy marine ecosystem for generations to come. We are proud to partner with a select group of certified fishing partners who share our commitment to sustainable fishing techniques and responsible seafood harvesting.

Our certified fishing partners employ a variety of sustainable fishing methods that minimize environmental impact and protect endangered species, particularly whales, while providing you with the finest, wild-caught seafood from the abundant waters of the United States. By choosing our partners’ products, you can enjoy delicious locally-caught seafood, knowing that it has been harvested with the utmost care for the ocean’s well-being.

Shark in North Carolina, Lady Kay’s Wild Catch, 2023.


East Coast

Lady Kay’s Wild Catch, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Hull’s Seafood Resturant & Market, Ormond Beach, Florida

Fish Peddler Seafood Market, Holden Beach, North Carolina

Phillip’s Seafood and the Fish Dock Restaurant, Townsend, Georgia

F/V Salvation

West Coast

4th Watch Seafood

Plan B Sustainable Fisheries

The Little Fish Company

Why Choose Sustainable Seas Technology’s Certified Fishing Partners?

1. Sustainable Fishing Techniques: Our partners use innovative and environmentally friendly fishing methods that promote the long-term health of marine ecosystems. These techniques include:

– Hook and line fishing: This low-impact method targets specific species, reducing bycatch and minimizing damage to the ocean floor.
– Pot & Trap fishing: Fish and crustacean pots and traps traps allow for selective harvesting, ensuring that non-target species are released unharmed.
– Pole and line fishing: This traditional method provides a low-impact way of catching fish while preserving the natural balance of marine life.

2. Whale-Safer Seafood: Our partners are dedicated to protecting marine mammals, especially whales, from entanglement and other harmful interactions with fishing gear. By adhering to strict guidelines and using specially designed equipment, they mitigate the risk to these magnificent creatures, making sure their habitats remain safe and secure.

3. Wild-Caught Goodness: When you choose seafood from our certified fishing partners, you can be confident that you’re enjoying the natural, wild-caught flavors of the ocean. Our partners follow sustainable practices, ensuring that their fishing methods have minimal impact on the delicate marine ecosystem, and you can taste the difference in every delectable bite.

4. Supporting Local Communities: By supporting Sustainable Seas Technology’s certified fishing partners, you are also helping to sustain vibrant coastal communities that depend on fishing for their livelihoods. These partnerships promote economic growth, job creation, and the preservation of cultural traditions tied to the sea.

5. Transparency and Traceability: We are committed to providing full transparency and traceability throughout the seafood supply chain. Our partners adhere to rigorous standards, allowing us to trace each fish from the moment it is caught to the point of sale. This transparency ensures the integrity and authenticity of the seafood you purchase.

Join us in promoting sustainable seas and making a positive impact on our oceans by choosing seafood from Sustainable Seas Technology’s certified fishing partners. Together, we can support responsible fishing practices, protect marine life, and enjoy wholesome, wild-caught seafood that preserves the natural balance of our oceans for future generations.

Explore our website to learn more about our certified fishing partners and the sustainable fishing techniques they employ. Together, let’s create a healthier and more sustainable future for our oceans and the seafood we love.