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Large Whale Disentanglement Team

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One of the important aspects of cetacean rescue work is having the right tool for the job! 🐋

In October of 2019, the Scottish Entanglement Alliance sponsored a disentanglement and technology training for fishermen and members of: British Divers Marine Life Rescue-Large Whale Disentanglement Team, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin TrustSustainable Seas, the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s FederationScottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme, and the Whale & Dolphin Conservation. 🐋

During this training, it became clear to those who attend to these animals in distress that a new tool needs to be added to BDMLR’s disentanglement kit. 🐋

This new camera allows for 360 degrees of viewing in both photo and video format, which will save valuable time during these high-stress situations.

Having the ability to take one quick underwater video to assess these entanglements and injuries reduces stress to the animal, as well as the team and is safer for all!

The cost of this lifesaving device is only £700 for the entire kit. Please help us show the whales we care!! 🙏🥰

Amazon wish list showing kit details are below in the comments of our Facebook post!

View full-length 360 videos in the Youtube App for best experience here: and

A fundraiser organized by Sustainable Seas to benefit the Large Whale Disentanglement Team of British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Photos and videos were provided courtesy of BDMLR staff and volunteers, Kim Sawicki of Sustainable Seas, and Nick McCaffrey of South Spear Media.

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